• CLIENT: SDKR Since Day One
  • TOOLS: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe AfterEffects


This is how we used WooCommerce’s REST API and create a headless website using Next.js that can display products, add to cart and checkout with card payments via Stripe(to be changed ltr). We have created a standard Wordpress site with WooCommerce before and it works well with templates but we found it limiting and slow. We like the idea of creating a headless solution with WooCommerce handling the back-end and Next.js bridging the gap and providing a custom front-end that is lightning fast. The theory is if we decide to move away from WooCommerce and use a different e-commerce platform we won’t need to completely overhaul the UI. Instead, at a basic level, I can refactor the app to use the new API and pass data into the UI components so it looks the same but fetches its data from a different source. Equally, if we wanted to use a different framework other than Next.js — perhaps we want to create a native mobile app — then we can create the new UI and use the same API and data across different platforms.